What’s in my Laundry Room



One of the questions I am asked most frequently, especially by those with newly-diagnosed allergies or parents with children enduring eczema, is “what laundry products do you recommend”?  

First, I strongly suggest investing in a washer with an allergen setting. One of the ways we strive for a hypoallergenic household is to wash our clothing and bedding often and on the allergen setting. 

Second, there is now an abundance of natural and/or free and clear products on the market. I have tried most of these and found that some clean better than others and some cause less reactions than others. While trying them oneself is the only true way to identify go-tos, my four personal favorites in the laundry room include:

1. Tide free & gentle laundry detergent 

In my experience, Tide cleans better than the other brands’ natural products.

2. Honest co. honest stain remover – French lavender scent 

This is hands down the best natural stain remover I have used and the scent is light enough to cause no issues. Seems to be no longer available online, so I am stockpiling it whenever I find it in stores!

3. Dawn ultra free & gentle dishwashing liquid 

When you have a toddler who mostly eats food prepared with olive oil, grease stains are a frequent occurrence. Pre-treat garments by drizzling Dawn over the stain (to absorb the grease) and wash as normal. 

4. Up and Up free and clear dryer sheets

The name brand free and clear caused a skin reaction while the Target brand did not. 

Happy laundering!