The Safe Haven That is Chick-fil-A


As a family with allergens, we strive to eat the purest form of any food. On our quest to do so, we learned that french fries (“hots”) are most often NOT simply potatoes cut and submerged in oil. They are potatoes that are egged, soyed, milked, breaded, and generally altered. They also are often cooked in the potential allergens of peanut or soybean oil. 

We have also realized that french fries frequently share fry baskets with other products. This alters the purity of the fries, my friends, as if a basket had shrimp fritters in it moments earlier, it now swims with seafood and gluten. 

So where does one with severe FPIES and a love of french fries go for some good ‘ole hots?! 

Enter Chick-fil-A and their waffle fries. The ingredient list is simply real potato and a color retention additive. They are cooked in pure canola oil. They are also fried in a basket dedicated solely to waffle fries, eliminating the chance of cross-contamination. They are also pure deliciousness, and pair perfectly with lemonade (“made”).

Since discovering the purity that is Chick-fil-A waffle fries, we have frequented the drive-thru lane and bounded through the doors of this Atlanta-based chain too many times to count. Instead of toys for W’s birthday, we received gift cards from family members who know his frequency of requests for “hots and made”. For over a year, it has held not only the top – but the only – spot on our restaurant list as it is the single dining establishment where we know that W can eat with no issues. 

Chick-fil-A has certainly become a safe haven for us in the midst of FPIES. It provides an option for road trips, a place to meet friends for lunch, and a sense of inclusion for W who eats the same thing as his siblings (and let’s be honest, his parents – who can resist Chick-fil-A waffle fries?)!

More hots & made, please!