Loving Lacoste


Perhaps it’s because my sweet grandfather has two button-down cardigans with the iconic crocodile that he wears on a rotating basis and has since I was born. Or because my inner prep comes out whenever I see a polo collar. Or because my #1 bucket list item is to watch a match at the French Open and Lacoste sponsors the tennis tournament. Whatever the reason, Lacoste holds a special place in my heart. 

My affinity for the brand skyrocketed beyond belief when perusing lacoste.com. For on their site, Lacoste not only offers an array of 100% cotton clothes, but they provide the filter option  … wait for it … BY MATERIAL. One can simply scroll down to cotton and find all of the options for pure cotton threads. 

Oh, how I wish every retailer would follow suit and add material to their scroll options. For those with textile allergies, this is a resource unlike any other. So many hours of clicking, scrolling, and reading descriptions could be saved and so much joy and ease added to the act of online shopping! 

I remain hopeful that this material filter becomes the norm and until then, I remain grateful for the brands who consider the importance of what textiles are used in their products and communicating such with their consumers. And I keep loving Lacoste!