Resources for a Healthy Lifestyle


Today’s post is exciting as it is the first hots&olives Q&A! I’ve asked fitness and nutrition guru Kelsey Reese, who also navigates dairy and gluten allergies, to share her favorite online resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

MH: Kelsey, where do you go for tips online for cooking allergen-free?

KR: Cooking is one of my favorite activities, especially on the weekend when I can spend more time preparing dishes. I enjoy experimenting with new flavors and I love knowing all of the ingredients that go into what I make, unlike when I eat out and always have questions about the menu. I try to eat a plant-based diet that balances healthy fats (an avocado a day keeps the doctor away!), protein, and carbs. One of my favorite food blogs is “Oh She Glows,” where most of the recipes are gluten-free and all are dairy-free. I especially love her soups and stews!

MH: How do you stay up-to-date on fitness and training?

KR: Everyday it feels like there is a new fitness trend! It’s definitely tough to keep up but as a former personal trainer, I’ve learned that the most important part of exercise is finding something you love and doing it consistently (a 15 minute workout is better than none). For me, that involves a mixture of strength training and cardio, including running outside in the summer, the arc-trainer/elliptical in the winter or playing squash. These days, I get my strength training on the megaformer, which has really improved my core strength. But when I’m at the gym creating my own exercise flows I get inspiration from the fitness section on the Well+Good blog. They have great training tips from celebrity trainers like Tracy Anderson, Blake Lively’s trainer and Gigi Hadid’s boxing coach.

MH: What is your go-to resource for healthy living?

KR: My all-time favorite wellness blog is “MindBodyGreen.” I could read their articles all day! The posts they share are incredibly positive, uplifting, and motivating. They are my one top shop blog for inspiration and advice on creating a more healthy lifestyle.

MH: Thank you, Kelsey, for sharing your inspiration with hots&olives readers!