Summer Snack: Allergen-Free Trail Mix


We love trail mix. I can’t say that we actually eat it on a trail (I prefer ballet flats to hiking boots), but alas, it is a staple for our family. There are usually a few empty containers in my car as evidence of its enjoyment. This is especially true in the summer as we throw a steady stream of snack cups in the pool or beach bag.

I’ve found that trail mix that is pre-packaged in stores typically includes wheat … or rice … or peanuts … or other allergens. So, we make our own! Our combinations vary but my personal favorite is just the right amount of sweet and salty and takes advantage of almonds – the only safe nut for me. There is no strict measuring in my book; I simply mix what seems like a good amount of:

Roasted almonds
Dried cranberries
Coconut strips
Corn Chex

Happy mixing and snacking!