What’s in My Medicine Cabinet


With allergies of all sorts in our household, we make sure our medicine cabinet is never missing the essentials of:

Extra EpiPens
Probably goes without saying …

Children’s Chewable Antihistamines
Our go-to for both children and adults. The chewable are much easier than swallowing a pill with water when in the middle of an allergic reaction. They also dissolve naturally, which is helpful if there is tongue or throat swelling.

Liquid Benadryl
Not unlike the chewable antihistamines, the liquid is easier than swallowing a pill.

Oodles of Oils
We’ve had recommendations from a gamut of specialists for a gamut of oils, from coconut to sunflower, to apply topically for skin issues.

Pure Aloe
Our immunologist’s recommendation for bug bites and stings.

Thermometer and Children’s Fever Reducer
Certain allergens induce fevers in W so we always have a thermometer and fever reducer on hand. The suppository form is best for littles with FPIES as it doesn’t upset the stomach as medicine taken orally can.

This is the only prescription medication other than EpiPens and is a must for staving off the severe nausea of some FPIES episodes.

Latex-free, of course!