Why hots&olives

A50A8038editedAllergies have been a part of my life since the age of twelve when I started having episodes of anaphylaxis. The lack of a commonality with each allergic episode concluded idiopathic anaphylaxis – which by definition means an unknown cause for a life-threatening allergic reaction. Known triggers also materialized during my adulthood including foods, latex, medicines, scents, and textiles.

Just about the time I settled into living with allergies, W was born. He came into this world with round cheeks, sparkling blue eyes, and a tuft of blonde hair. He also came into this world with FPIES, a medical condition that manifests in food allergies.

W’s diagnosis demanded a limited diet and for a long while, white potato comprised every meal. As we served potatoes cubed, cut, diced and any other way we could think of, we warned “they’re hot” and, given our frequency of preparing these cooked potato items, “hots” became a frequent term in our household. And a favorite food. Olives are a close second.

hots&olives is a resource based on my own lifestyle as both a navigator of allergies and a mother to a little with allergies. It is meant to bring joy and ideas and recipes and tips and hope into the lives of those who are also touched by allergies.

I am so happy that you have found hots&olives, and hope you enjoy reading about the ways we live joyfully (while eating hots and olives by the plateful)!